Safest Countries To Travel To

Planning for a family holiday or a solo trip abroad? It’s obvious that you will look for safer options as increasing political instability, crime rates, natural disasters, terrorist activities, and others makes it difficult for certain parts of the world. Here we have carved out a list of the safest countries to travel to in 2023.

Exploring the world is one of the most cherished dreams that most of us have on our bucket lists. And the last thing you would want is to have a harrowing experience in an unknown land. One of the internationally recognized measures for assessing a country’s safety is the GPI or Global Peace Index. It is used for ranking countries based on how peaceful these countries are. The GPI considers twenty-three indicators grouped under safety and security, conflict, and militarization.

The current global trends in the world pertaining to safety exhibit that Europe is among the safest, then the Asia-Pacific zone, followed by North America. Although safety is not guaranteed anywhere in the world, here is a list of the top safest countries where you may plan the next vacation.


If you are aiming to have a stress-free trip, then traveling to Ireland should be at the top of the charts. With its outlandish mountainous hills, amazing Nordic culture, and amiable people, Iceland is nothing short of a travelers’ paradise. The low level of pollution of the country enlivens the night sky with stars and you will witness a mesmerizing dance of blue and green colors above you. Another attraction for tourists visiting Iceland is taking bath in the hot water spring while you are surrounded by snow-capped mountains.


The Swiss Confederation, colloquially termed Switzerland is a modest nation expanding up to 16,000 square miles. The country is covered with valleys, lakes and the breathtaking Alps overseeing. It is not only among the safest countries in the world but also the wealthiest countries that are revered for its unmatched neutrality. Switzerland takes pride in its diversity as it is home to people with distinct cultural identities. If you are a solo female traveler who’s fond of hiking or snow sports, then Switzerland is heaven awaiting your arrival.


It’s well-known that Canada will make it to the list of safest countries when the country hosts a bunch of friendly citizens. People who have visited the country often opine that it is a wonderland that doesn’t feel real. With more flight options and direct trains connecting from New York, more people are visiting Canada in recent years. Apart from being noted for its safety, iconic destinations like the Notre Dame Basilica, the CN Tower of Toronto, and the famed Banff National Park – Canada gives the perfect opportunity to visit.


Although much cheaper than the European countries, Portugal is just an amazing option among the safest countries around the world. With lovely warm weather, gorgeous coastlines, and playful cities, this place has become a popular tourist destination without hampering the safety quotient. If you want to enjoy the serene beauty of the place, try planning your vacation during peak season. Make sure that you try authentic Portuguese cuisine, walk down the cities of Porto and Lisbon, and bask in the sunshine on the beaches. The best thing about traveling to Portugal is that it is suitable for young and old people alike.


With coastal beaches, luxurious greens, and gracious people, New Zealand is truly the traveler’s paradise. It is one of the least corrupt nations around the globe which makes it a safe country. In stark comparison to Australia, this country has few dangerous animals or poisonous insects. Also, if you are an adventure-freak and sports lover, then New Zealand is the perfect holiday destination for you. Try visiting New Zealand during the ceremonial Haka dance of the Maori tribe. It’s an experience of a lifetime.


Did you know that the Danes are among the happiest cluster of people in the world? It’s not just a fabulous country to spend a lifetime in, but also a great destination for solo trips. When we talk of Denmark, people usually refer to Copenhagen which is a beautiful city. But there are some risky zones like Norrebo where you have to be vigilant to ensure safety. Another stark feature of the country is that it is extremely cycle-friendly implying that you can explore your surroundings at your own pace while being assured about your safety.


With a very low crime rate, Japan is yet another safe country imbued with a very respectful society. The futuristic high-tech buildings juxtaposed against the dreamy gardens make the Japanese cities a center of awe. It’s worth noting that if you plan to visit this country, you must be respectful of the culture and traditions. Apart from this, Japan is a beautiful Asian country to visit. You will be surprised to know that Japanese children travel the subways by themselves and people often leave their doorways open without having anything to worry about. Isn’t it incredible?


The next one on the list of safest countries around the globe in Sweden. One of the fascinating features of this country is that despite having military roots over centuries, it has maintained its calm and neutrality even in times of political unrest. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea towards the east and Norway towards the North, the Kingdom of Sweden welcomes tons of travelers every year. Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden was established during the 13th century and has gone through various border disputes to have established itself as a modern city today.


While these are some of the safest countries in the world, some countries might have outstanding transportation while others may not. Also, when you travel to a different country, you are expected to behave like the locals. Moreover, safer countries mean they are more expensive owing to the high quality of life. Lastly, regardless of how safe a place is, it’s wise to be always vigilant and act sensibly when you are in a foreign land.

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